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Amenities: How to Make the Most of your Stay

Like all tiny houses, our tiny house has a lot of features packed into its modest square footage. Here are some tips for how to make the most of the tiny house's features, but please know we are always available to help! We want you to have a great, five-star stay, so please let us know if there is anything at all you need or that we can help with.

#1 Expandable Daybed

We wouldn't say the tiny house could sleep four guests if it couldn't comfortably sleep four guests. The daybed expands to a spacious California King.

  • Begin by pulling out the bottom portion of the daybed out until it is fully extended.

  • The mattress has two mattresses stacked on top of each other. Move one mattress over onto the extended section.

  • Extra twin sheets are available in the middle drawer of the daybed.

If you need any help setting up the daybed, just call!

#2 Projector with Roku and Speaker

This is the same setup we have in our own main home. We absolutely love the size of the screen with the ability to stow it away when it's not in use.

  • Pull the screen, located in the kitchen beneath the loft, down.

  • Power on the projector, either by pressing the power button (silver) on the projector, or by using the projector remote. If neither of these work, there is an on/off switch on the side of the projector that may need to be flipped.

  • Use Roku remote to sign into your platform of choice or enjoy free content on the Roku channel.

  • For optimal audio, connect the projector to the bluetooth speaker. With the projector already on, turn on the bluetooth speaker. The light on the bluetooth button should start blinking blue. If it does not connect to the projector automatically, press the bluetooth button until it says projector. Once connected, the projector should ask if you want to continue the connection. Press enter on the projector remote.

  • If any remote isn't working, extra batteries are located in the top table drawer.

If you need any help setting up the projector, just call!

#3 Expandable table

The white table has two pop-up wings that make it a comfortable fit for four to dine. Simply move the table away from the wall, and unfold. Make sure to lock the leg into place in the center of the leaf, and not to overextend.

#4 Air conditioner, heater, and fan light

The mini-split unit is capable of heating and cooling the tiny house. To maximize comfort, we recommend using the additional space heater in the colder months, and making sure the fan is circulating the air throughout the year.

  • We set the mini-split to 70 degrees. To adjust the temperature or fan speed, simply use the remote, making sure the mode and fan speeds are to your desired settings.

  • In warmer months, the fan is set to pull colder air up into the loft.

  • In colder months, the fan is set to blow warm air down into the lower level.

  • The remote easily controls the speed of the fan as well as the brightness of the light, which is dimmable if you press and hold the light button on the remote. The middle light switch beside the front door has to be in the on position for the fan to work.

If you need any help setting the temperature of the tiny house, just call!

#5 Induction cooking

Induction cooking might be the preferred cooking method of the future: it's safer and more environmentally friendly than electric or gas.

  • The induction burners are located in the bottom right door of the kitchen cabinet.

  • When using the induction burners, we suggest using the numbered power settings rather than the temperature settings. For cooking food, start with level 2; for boiling water, 10 is recommended but is very hot.

  • The cooktops will only function if a ferrous metal pot or pan is on the cooktop. If it is left empty, it will beep and then automatically shut off.

  • Induction heating heats very quickly compared to electric or gas, so make sure you have everything ready to go before you turn the pan on.

If you need any help with the induction burners, just call!

#6 Other amenities

  • You're welcome to use the fire pit and patio area. There is firewood under the tiny house.

  • We hope you enjoy the vintage clawfoot tub.

  • All gardens are here for you to enjoy and explore. These are shared spaces with our wild kiddos.

  • If you ever need to use the vacuum cleaner, simply power it on via the power switch on the bottom of the vacuum. It knows what to do, but sometimes gets stuck under the tub.

We are here to help!

We want you to have a five star stay! It is very important to us and our family that you have a great experience. If there are any comments or suggestions you would like to share with us, please call or text anytime.

If you need help with anything, calling by phone is the quickest and most reliable way to get in touch with us.

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