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Frequently Asked Questions about Hosting

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

As Super Host Ambassadors, we're always here to help our mentees with any questions they have. Here are our FAQs, but always feel free to contact us with your specific questions!


Getting Started

Setting Up Your Listing Page

Hosting Your First Guests


Getting Started

How do I begin hosting?

It can be quite simple, and we are here to help! Check out our post on getting started, or this wonderful page from Airbnb full of helpful videos on beginning to host.

What permits do I need?

Permits can vary a ton depending on where you live, or even the frequency or type of property you plan on hosting. Airbnb has a helpful page with more information here: What Regulations Apply to My City?

Another place to check would be your city, county, or state website. Many communities also have a Short Term Rental Alliance or similar group of local hosts that are able to help new hosts navigate the permitting system.

What does Airbnb charge hosts?

Host fees are typically 3% with some specific exceptions. Here’s a post that goes into more detail: How Much Does Airbnb Charge Hosts?

It has always felt very worth it to us as we’ve never had to do outside advertising, love that we’re covered by Airbnb’s Aircover program, and that guests are verified.

Setting Up Your Listing Page

How much should I charge for cleaning?

Cleaning fees really depend on the size/set-up of your space, and whether or not you want guests to be responsible for the entire cleaning fee or if you consider part of it to be built into the nightly rate.

For instance, we charge a $60 cleaning fee, but it actually costs us $85 per clean. So $15 is built into the nightly rate, if that makes sense. It can be helpful to look at comparable properties in your area and make sure you're not charging too much or too little.

What photos should I include?

Photos are a great instance in which more is more. Here is a wonderful video by Airbnb featuring Superhosts Candida and Jeff:

Hosting Your First Guests

How quickly will I receive a booking?

Often, bookings will start coming in very quickly! When we started renting it was mid-February (which is the off-season for us in Nashville!), but our listing started booking up within the week and hit pretty close to full occupancy fast.

If you don't receive bookings after a while, we'll take another look at your listing and see if there's anything that stands out that needs improvement. Are you pictures well-lit? Are your prices reasonable?

How do I advertise my listing?

Other than having our listing up on Airbnb, we have never advertised our listing. Even during the worst parts of the pandemic, there was enough guest traffic on Airbnb's website that we stayed very close to 100% occupied.

If there is something truly unique about your listing, you might try reaching out to travel/style blogs to see if they might do a piece on your listing, which could increase traffic to your site. Additionally, I would encourage you to set up an instagram account for your listing, that you publicize to guests. That way, when they stay they can tag you in their photos. This can be a good form of marketing.

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